The wireless world is constantly changing.  TelCon's Wireless Management Solutions keep you mobile.

Managing Wireless Devices

The cost of wireless services and devices can be a large portion of an IT budget, and managing these devices can consume a lot of time for your help desk staff.  TelCon can manage all of your wireless activities and devices, freeing up your staff for other help desk processes.

Constant Change

Wireless services and devices are extremely dynamic.  This environment of constant change creates opportunities for overspending and requires organization and diligence in tracking changes.

Maximize Services And Savings

TelCon Associates' Wireless Management Service is designed to maximize wireless services, monitor expenses, and relieve your help staff from ordering and tracking inventory.

Comprehensive Wireless Management

An up-to-date inventory is compiled and maintained consisting of all wireless devices that are in use throughout your organization.  You will know exactly which devices are being used – and by whom.  You can be confident that you will always be able to keep a strict control over wireless spending.
All new orders, upgrades, changes, and device replacements will be coordinated and managed by our specialists.
All wireless usage will be routinely monitored so that end users are consistently aligned with appropriate plans and devices, getting you the most for your money.  Our specialists will be vigilant in helping you to maximize and optimize wireless solutions from month to month.
Wireless invoices can be analyzed for any irregularities in usage and for contract compliance.  We will identify wireless problems as they arise and correct them before they result in unnecessary overspending.

Take Control Of All Telecom Services With TelCon's Exceptional Solutions

Save time and gain control of your telecom budget, wireless devices, and inventory details using TelCon's telecom services.  You can concentrate on other processes knowing that all details of your telecom spend and inventory are up to date at all times.  Reports that are customized to your exact needs and available 24/7, every day of the year, will keep your business planning on track.

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