Telecom Expense Reporting And Inventory Details Continuously Updated

Information At Your Fingertips

When you hire us to manage your bills, we will build you your own secure reporting website, so that you always have access to all billing information.

We do a great job accommodating special requests to match your company's needs.

Every Bill Scanned For You

Total access to all billing information includes a scanned copy of all bills.  Scanned bills can be downloaded in PDF format to your computer.

Reports Made To Order

We do more than offer a few standardized reports, we customize reports to your specifications.

Our reports can be exported to many formats including PDF, Word, and Excel.

You're In Control

For those who wish to approve billing amounts before disbursement of funds, we offer online approval for the payment of bills through your customized website.

Your Data - Your Way!

We're In The US
All of our service is done in-house.  You can be confident knowing your information is handled and stored in the United States.  We do not outsource to another country.
Every Detail
We track over 80 different fields from a bill in our database.  We can customize our database (special fields such as location codes, regions, internal codes, etc.) to fit your requirements.
We make sure you get the best contract rates with telecom providers and vendors.  We track your contract renewal dates ensuring you will still receive the best rates upon renewal.
Telecom Budget
All of your telecom budget information can be tracked online.  You always know the details of every budget item including variances from month to month.
Custom Reports
Reporting for Billing, Billing Approval, Construction, Inventory, Month-End, Savings, Variances, and Ticket Status are customized to your specifications.

web reports dashboard
Get an accurate picture of your telecom spend and inventory.  Call today!

Take Control Of All Telecom Services With TelCon's Exceptional Solutions

You will look great having all of your telecom budget and inventory details complete and up to date at all times.  Reports that are customized to your exact needs and available 24/7, will help keep your business planning on track.

Call us today to set up an online demonstration of our capabilities.

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