Telecom Expense Management Solutions and Services for Your Business

Since 1972, TelCon Associates, a telecommunications consulting firm specializing in TEM through Audits, Bill Management, Telemanagement, and Tech Support services, has saved businesses millions of dollars year after year.  Our management solutions include:

  • Telecom Audits and Cost Reduction Services
  • Bill Payment Service and Management
  • Compiling Telecom Inventories
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Identifying Usage Patterns
  • Obtaining CSR's

Our clients can utilize one service, multiple services or bundle all of them together for optimum telecom savings.  Our telecommunications management experts will reduce your telecom spend.

Telecom Expense Management Can Virtually Pay For Itself

Our Telecom Expense Management service can be an extremely cost-effective outsourcing solution.  Custom solutions, saving time and money.  Call today!

Frequenty Asked Questions

Bill Pay Service

While a cost-reduction analysis routinely results in considerable annual telecom savings for our clients, it is still only a “snapshot” in time.

Combining telecom auditing, and a complete inventory with bill pay service makes the perfect recipe for reducing telecom costs and keeping them level.

We can pay your telecom bills for you, allowing you to reduce the number of employees assigned to order management and invoice verification.  All of our services are done in-house, and our staff reviews and analyzes every single bill.

Unlike Other TEM Companies

We don’t just put invoice amounts into a computer and look at issues that exceed a certain threshold from one month to the next.  TelCon scrutinizes every bill.

These are your bills you are hiring us to manage. You have a right to see your bills whenever you may want or need to, so we scan every single bill and make it available to you online 24/7.  If you need to see a bill for any reason, you have instant access to it.

Should you desire a higher level of control, you also have the option to approve payments of bills online before money is disbursed.

Carrier / Vendor Errors

The stark reality is that carriers and third party vendors will continue to make billing errors, add unauthorized charges, change plans without authorization – and on and on.

Our Telecom Expense Management service solves these types of issues and keeps telecom expenses under control on a monthly basis.

Our Service... In Our Clients' Words

"Hi Elizabeth,
Can't thank you and your associates enough for the great cooperation and results.  Everyone that I have dealt with at Telcon has been outstanding.  My first contact was with Robert Potter who set such a high standard of performance.  Then I had dealings with Laura who is top-notch.  We ended the audits with Alicia Link who I can't praise enough.  Total yearly savings for Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York is $92,075.74!  Thanks so much to you for the information on the website.  Telcon should be very proud of their associates' outstanding performance.  Thank you all so much!"
Telecom Audit Services Telecom Expense Reporting Wireless Device Management

Our service is unmatched!

  • We pay your telecom bills and save you money on your telecom and salary expenses.

  We implement a system according to your needs in which each and every bill is analyzed.

  We are vigilant at identifying and removing errors from bills, in order to reduce your telecom expenses.

  We track your savings and provide a ROI.

  Check out this case study to see how a current customer benefits from our Bill Management Service.

  Check out Telecom Expense Reporting.  We provide Telecom Expense Management customers with their own website for 24/7 access to all billing information.

We Manage ALL Telecom Services (including):

  • Local
  • Long-Distance
  • Wireless / Mobile
  • Internet / WIFI
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Equipment Contracts
  • Answering Service
  • Music-On-Hold Service
  • Translation Service
  • Frame-Relay
  • VPN
  • Life Safety Lines (alarms, emergency phones, elevators, pool, etc.)
  • MPLS
  • VoIP
  • Cable
  • Television
  • Teleconferencing