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Since 1972, TelCon has been providing top-rated telecom audit services.

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We don't just look at bills.  We conduct personal interviews with end users at each location to fully understand each clients’ telecom concerns and usage patterns.  This level of detail allows us to make informed decisions and recommend the most cost-effective solutions.
The First Step
We consider a thorough and rigorous analysis of voice and data services to be the first line of attack for reducing and controlling corporate telecom expenses.
We Cover It All
Our cost-reduction analysis encompasses ALL voice and data services – local, long-distance, wireless, internet, maintenance agreements, equipment contracts, frame-relay, VPN, emergency phones, MPLS, VoIP, cable, etc.

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We've saved companies millions of dollars.  Check out some of those savings below. To see some more in-depth studies / results, check out our Case Studies for Telecom Audit, Bill Management, Cost Reduction, and more.

When cutting telecom costs, an audit of expenses is the first step. The perfect second step to keeping those expenses lower is a bill management system coupled with an accurate reporting system to keep track of expenses, inventories, tickets, and custom requests.

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  • A private real estate investment trust (REIT) realized first year annual savings of $510,342.57 at 149 property locations.
  • A well-known national car rental firm using TelCon as its national telecom consulting firm for audits throughout the US and Canada has saved a total of $3,387,650.44.
  • A property management company saved $480,000 per year by using TelCon to write a Request For Proposal and to analyze the bids received.
  • A large city in Arizona had a telecom budget of $1.4 million.  TelCon's recommended 1st year annual savings totaled $419,901.96.
  • A multi-location corporation with 325 field offices saved over $500,000 when TelCon made cost-saving recommendations for each individual field office.
  • A residential REIT recently realized total annual savings of $222,077 at 19 apartment communities – an average annual savings of $11,688 per community.
  • A Texas furniture store received a $34,819 credit when TelCon uncovered circuits that were not disconnected after the store moved to a frame relay network.
  • A California TV station’s telecom budget was slashed 21% after TelCon canceled unused services and entered the station into a term commitment for its local calling.
  • A recent long-distance contract negotiated by TelCon for a client saved them 51% over their previous contract.
  • A private management firm realized implemented annual savings of $268,843.32.
  • A small manufacturing firm in Massachusetts cut $31,924 from its international calling bill when TelCon switched its long-distance provider.
Case Studies - Telecom Audit, Bill Management, Cost Reduction, Contract Negotiation, Transition To VOIP, etc.