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IT & Telecom Project Management - Solutions and Results

renovation projectConstruction and Renovation - Onsite Technician Dispatch


A nationwide multi-family company with hundreds of locations decided to outsource the management of all IT and telecom activities associated with construction and renovation of their communities to TelCon instead of replacing internal staff.

Prior to this request, TelCon was completing many of the daily IT and Telecom requests for the communities, so we were very familiar with the IT profile and requirements for each location.


Throughout the last ten years, TelCon has proven to be indispensable in the construction and renovation process for this customer.

Collaboration and Implementation

TelCon manages the process from the initial announcement of a project to completion.  Project Management includes coordination of activities with construction supers, vendors and suppliers, IT staff, field technicians, leasing staff, and senior development directors.  TelCon has full responsibility for:

  • Organizing regular meetings between the service provider, engineering team, and the construction team.
  • Collaborating with the redevelopment managers to determine the best solutions for office renovations and/or remerchandising after preparing a scope of work, arranging for a survey, and obtaining bids for cost comparison.
  • Verifying that the scope of work outlined in the bid includes everything that is needed to complete the move or renovation successfully and that the project stays within the budget.
  • Working with the construction team, WiFi provider, fitness equipment vendor, and audio visual vendor to coordinate the best Internet solutions for the amenities at the community.
  • Ordering all services for the construction trailer and the construction project and ensuring that the services are installed timely and in the correct location.
  • Working with the construction team to ensure that all voice and data lines are installed, patch panels and 66 blocks are installed, and that the jacks are activated.
  • Ordering a telephone system for the staff and scheduling installation and set up.
  • Coordinating the delivery and set up of music on hold equipment.

IT Help Desk & Nationwide Technician Dispatch - Solutions and Results

hotline IT project assistanceIT Support and Technician Dispatches - Cloud / VoIP Provider


A VoIP provider approached TelCon for assistance, after working with us and a mutual customer on a migration project.

It was expressed to us that our involvement in the migration project contributed to the most successful customer migration the company has ever had.

Value and Results

Partnering with TelCon reduced the need to hire additional staff and contributed to improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.

TelCon has become highly integrated with this customer's process and their customers, and we assist with the majority of their service delivery activities.

Scope of Work

Discussions were ongoing over several months to determine the best activities for TelCon to complete to assist this customer.  Our first project was a large internal migration for one of their high profile customers.

After demonstrating success on that project, we began training on their internal systems, so we could complete many of their service delivery activities upon request.

TelCon now assists with:

  • administrative sales activities
  • circuit provisioning
  • customer changes and upgrades
  • internal hub migrations

We also dispatch our technicians for surveys, demarc extensions, installations, and troubleshooting resolution.

Telecom Expense Management (Cost Reduction and Auditing) - Solutions and Results

cost savingsContract Negotiation & Cost Reduction


Executives at a large health system in Florida were concerned with reducing telecommunications expenses throughout their main office and 34 satellite locations.  Costs had been steadily rising over many years and there was an overriding concern that both telecom services and equipment were getting out of control. Little, if any, inventory and tracking were in place.

We were brought on board to do a thorough investigation and provide cost-cutting recommendations for both voice and data services.

Value and Results

TelCon Associates provided considerable annual savings to this client in all areas across the board.

Putting the appropriate long-distance contract in place resulted in annual savings of $98,106.48.  Negotiating and implementing a new local service contract resulted in another $26,800.95 PER MONTH in savings.  Optimizing wireless plans and forcing carrier contract compliance resulted in an annual savings $321,611.40.


We exhausted every possible area to uncover areas for savings for this client.  TelCon Associates specialists soon discovered that a county contract for long distance was available.  Because this client is classified as a "county hospital" they could be placed under the county contract.

A local service contract was in place as well, but the rates were less than optimum.  We renegotiated the local contract, resulting in savings of close to $27,000 per month.

Wireless was a mess as well.  Plans were not optimized for end users, and carrier contract compliance issues were evident from the start.  Redesigning wireless plans that better fit user needs, and forcing contract compliance by the wireless carrier resulted in huge annual savings.