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We get results.

TelCon has an efficient process.  Paying attention to details, being diligent, and following up consistently are all part of how TelCon achieves maximum results.  Our process and the results we achieve stand out.

We are flexible and responsive.

With each of our clients, TelCon has proven that we can take on new responsibilities and respond quickly.  Our size and extremely adaptive staff allow us to work together and react quickly with seamless solutions.

We are accessible.

Each customer can access a team of staff members.  As a result of extensive cross training, our staff responds quickly to requests.

We understand our customers.

Our customers have specific goals for their IT and Telecom departments, so we focus on providing solutions and activities to support these goals.  Understanding each client profile is key to a successful working relationship.

Established in 1972

We are the longest established firm in the business.  TelCon has been partnering with multi-location businesses for over 45 years to provide outsourced IT and Telecom solutions and support.  Each customer has a specific set of services that our teams provide for them based on their short and long term needs.  Over the years, TelCon has partnered with Owners, Management Companies, Builders, Developers, Cities, Municipalities, Car Rental Companies, Bank and Finance Companies, Trucking Firms, Medical Providers, Food Providers, Service Providers, Carriers, Vendors, Channel Partners and more.

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We have troubleshooting experience.

Our staff draws from years of experience, not manuals, to solve problems.  In our custom database we can view all of a customer's services and orders.  We understand typical problems, as well as the unusual ones, allowing us to troubleshoot daily problems and dispatch technicians providing much needed relief to the IT staff.

We know the vendors.

We maintain great relationships with many vendors.  We know when to push and when to escalate requests to the highest level. When all else fails, we know how to negotiate an acceptable compromise.

We customize services to meet specific needs.

Some clients utilize our services daily for all moves, adds, changes, and troubleshooting, and some call us, as needed, for project support, migrations, or for a technician dispatch.  Many of our customers have worked with us for years, and we have grown together as we offer new services to support the ever changing needs and challenges of their organizations.

We develop strong partnerships with our customers.

When a customer contacts TelCon, it’s like reaching out to someone down the hall.  We work that closely with our customers toward common goals.

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